Joined by our love of great
downstairs neighbors.


Your go-to for artwork

HEMPHILL is committed to providing clients with exceptional artwork by contemporary, modern and historic artists. It is our belief that works of art carefully selected for the home, office, and public spaces enhance the quality of these environments.

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A Baked Joint

Your favorite breakfast + lunch spot

A sister café of the famous baked & wired, A Baked Joint offers simple cooking done well. This large and airy bakery/café features much-loved homemade breads, sandwiches, and artisan coffee. It’s the perfect place to meet neighbors, get work done, or unwind with a good book.

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Joe & The Juice

A daily pick-me-up

Health-conscious people, go ahead and jump for joy. The internationally popular Joe & The Juice café is headquarters of good-for-you food and drinks including juices, shakes, JOEgurt bowls, and sandwiches (yes, avo toast included).

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Varnish Lane

A nail salon of a different color

We all know having nice nails is only one reason we go to the salon. The other is to have an exceptional experience. Varnish Lane is a high-end salon destination that offers waterless nail care in a beautiful, relaxing, and safe environment. The future of manicure technology? It’s right here.

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la Betty

Comfort food is here

Sit down to a homecooked meal designed to be eaten leisurely. la Betty is new concept in comfort food from the owners of baked & wired and a baked joint.

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Italian market and restaurant prossimamente

The cucina (kitchen) is the heart of every Italian home. This one will be the heart of the neighborhood. Toscana Market, by Daniele Catalani of the popular Al Volo restaurants, is an authentic Italian market and restaurant offering culinary classes, gourmet foods, and much more.

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